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Discussion Analysing the document throws up some unusual answers. The palace roof is supported by pillars around which decorated brass plaques are bent and attached by nails. Deputy Commissioner and Vice-Consul. Dalton-Johnson believes that knowledge about these artefacts should originate from its own people and returning them to Benin would accomplish that.

One shows three Art benin essay carrying bronze manillas, or bracelets, the commodity that the Portuguese traded with Benin Plate Art benin essay. Discovering Benin sculptureS The cultural encounter between the Portuguese and Benin fuelled the supply of metal in the form of brass manillas, the metal bracelets traditionally used as a medium of exchange, affected the subject matter of Benin brasses, and seems to have prompted the production of works in ivory specifically for export to Europe.

There is more in Bacon, however. When the Oba and his heads were put on test. On the one hand, he was reluctant to meet Gallwey; on the other, he clearly felt he could not afford to let him depart without a meeting. On the other hand, some African leaders and scholars argue that the looted Benin objects fulfil a different function in Nigeria from that represented in European museums and galleries.

What struck me is how Gallwey negotiations about the spiritual beliefs of the people of Benin. These are from modern-day paperss refering Benin. Benin heads did committee plant of art. The engagement with ideas about art in the twentieth century B.

There are a number of points one might make. Pereira obviously has a low respect for Benin civilization. Coral, like brass, was one of the materials appropriated by the royal dynasty in Benin.

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They could clearly be melted down to make the brass work for which Benin is famous, vastly increasing its supplies of metal. Perhaps you noticed that there is no mention of gods or priests — nor is there elsewhere in the witness statements.

At the same clip. We might travel on to oppugn its truth.

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In Benin, royal control over the arts was far more absolute than anything typical in Western Europe in the same period. How the society lived is now sourced from research to Benin itself and it uses oral and visual evidence to its role in reflecting the plaques and properly interpreting them.

Look through the texts by Gallwey and Bacon again. Reinterpretation of the art was possible due to accurate research which Steve and Dalton believed impossible due to their affinity with the accepted norms of conventional thought.

Reading Between the Lines Is this all that the document tells us. In Benin the artwork was certainly on a scale and level of quality to compare with art produced under royal patronage in Europe at the time, but because much of it was kept in the palace of the Oba, neither the populace nor the Portuguese traders necessarily had access to it.

Direct European contact with Benin was limited during the era of the slave trade approximately — and little more was learned about the kingdom until British imperial forces conquered it in In this case, the British sources do in fact contain some evidence from Benin, even if we need to approach it with care.

We will write a custom essay sample on Benin Bronzes specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now When anthropologists at the British museum first saw the artworks their initial reactions, drawing from contemporary ideas of Africa’s savage brutality, was astonishment.

The Benin art was not a great influence over the modern. The Art of Benin Essay Sample. I. Introduction A. Cultural Encounters Between Europe and Benin from the Fifteenth to the Twentieth Century 1. The trade in objects in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries 2.

Read carefully Reading‘Works of Art from Benin City’, in Book 3 Chapter 2 and look closely at PlatePlate showing four sixteenth century brass plaques from Benin’, in the illustration book.

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Chapter 1 The Art Of Benin I Essay Chapter One The Art of Benin I I. Introduction A. Cultural Encounters Between Europe and Benin from the Fifteenth to the Twentieth Century 1.

The trade in objects in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries 2. AA Essays & TMAs The arts past and present. Home; Pay for essays; Essay submission; FAQs; Part 2 Why is the ownership of Benin art so controversial?

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Essay graffiti art benin city